Volunteer Roles Wanted

Volunteer Roles Wanted

FoSRR needs your help to continue to grow and to make the best of every penny you contribute.  Do you want to make a few friends, learn some new skills, play a part of the success of this dynamic group?

The Bar Bubble, led by Jacque Jordan
Needs people to help Jacque put on a great bar every night – only needed for event nights.

  • Moving existing stock from under the stage to the hall
  • This needs to be done at about 4.30pm before an event
  • Checking the Majestic order between 4pm to 6pm
  • Setting up the bar, glassware, getting the drinks on ice (need to be careful with volume as bottles with wet labels can’t be returned)
  • Serving drinks and / or taking money,need to arrive just before the event starts
  • Collecting and cleaning glasses during the evening
  • Cleaning up at end of night, clearing rubbish and prepping stock to go back under the stage
  • Loading up a car with the returns, glasses and other equipment to go back to Majestic

Social Media (facebook and twitter)
Needs someone or two to keep the messages flowing out there.  Needs a few minutes every day to keep social media ticking over.

  • Keeping our facebook page relevant, update with content about FoSRR events, plans, meetings etc.
  • Reading through recent posts to keep a finger on the pulse of the facebook site
  • Help to push events, through links to what’s happening (encourage people to sign up, join in, volunteer, buy tickets)
  • Updating the twitter feed with relevant content (retweet school feeds, retweet interesting content from other parties)
  • Regularly post updates on FoSRR events
  • Keep the chair, treasurer, deputy treasurer and meetings up-to date with what is going on at the social media front

IT support
Needs someone with some technical know how but not a great deal. Will take less than an hour a week.

  • Ensure hosting is maintained
  • Ensure domain is maintained
  • Maintain updates on word press website
  • Keep track of support sites such as doodle polls
  • Look for improvements to how FoSRR works

Needs someone who can write inspiring, cajoling words to encourage participation.  Will take less than an hour a week.

  • Maintaining the website, keeping it up to date with our content through word press
  • Ensuring relevant links to other sites, box office, facebook, rowing club are updated

If you’re interested in one of these roles please let us know by emailing fosrr@fosrr.org