Longevity of Rowing Club

Longevity of Rowing Club 11th October 12.30pm at Twickenham Rowing Club

A lot of hard work has gone into getting this off the ground with effort from FoSRR (Andy Joss in particular), Twickenham Rowing Club and with the full support of Mr Whitfield.

It was set up with the aspiration of having a rowing team representing the school in Rowing Regattas – Dorney, Thames etc.It would take less than 12 months and our current intake of children would be ready for this. 

FoSRR sees Rowing as an activity that all our children should have access to if they aspire to try it.  So much so that we have committed money and resources to start this fantasitic project. We have now achieved this, and now t it needs to grow and develop through “parent power”. We have a couple of issues, but not un-surmountable ones.

At the moment we have:-

  • Agreed training slots with Twickenham Rowing Club and have full access to their equipment including boats.
  • Secured two fantastic coaches.
  • Found children to fill the available slots and have a waiting list
  • FoSRR funding to keep costs down

What’s required to keep the club going:-

  • A parent committee (bubble in FoSRR parlance) to work with the school and manage the club, Andy Joss happy to chair until it gets established – approx. 1 school term
  • Volunteers via a rota to help in the sessions
  • Fund raising to keep pupil costs down to a minimum (business as usual)
  • Plans to develop the club – maybe a 3rd session and another 14 children etc. etc.
  • Working with the school to achieve competition entries etc.

It’s all very exciting and a fantastic opportunity for our children, but unless we are prepared to be organised and commit a few hours each to this (spread the load) it will stop very soon. With such great facilities on our door-step (Twickenham Rowing Club) stopping would be difficult to accept.

This is a call to action for parents to keep the Rowing Club going. We will have a parent meeting in the Rowing Club at 12.30 pm on the 11th October.  Please bring yourself, a plate of something savoury to share and what ever you would like to drink.  You are welcome to bring your children however you will be expected to supervise them.

Rowing does not have to be and is not an elitist sport – see article from Guardian April 2012 – http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/apr/09/rowing-trenton-oldfield-boat-race
as Nathaniel Reilly-O’Donnell makes clear in this article (Huffington post December 2014) the hardest part about getting on the water is organisation and coaching.  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/nathaniel-reillyodonnell/school-rowing_b_6249116.html
He says “Due to the support of my parents and St Leonard’s (a comprehensive school – Ed), I left school as a Junior World Champion in the GB Junior four. I didn’t achieve that because I had a great physical or financial advantage, I did it because those around me gave me the space to be the best I could be and I trained hard, really hard.”
If you have an interest in securing the longevity of the Rowing Club we look forward to seeing you on Sunday.