Chilli and Chat Friday 22nd September 2017

Chilli and Chat 2017

Chilli and Chat 2017. BOOK TICKETS HERE 

This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to come along for an evening and get to know other parents in your year, house and class.  Each year governors and teachers make an effort to come along too.  Everyone is invited to come.  This is a relaxed evening of, well erm, Chill and Chat, for parents new to the Primary or High schools, or seasoned veterans! New parents tell us this evening was the perfect ice-breaker and that they really enjoyed getting to know the parents of their children’s class mates. Seasoned veterans keep coming back!

Can you bring salad, salsa or totilla chips? We will setup a Doodle Poll where you can add your details and what you can bring along. The more the merrier.

Tickets are £7, but we do hope you will make a minimum donation of £3.50 to FoSRR, so we can get an extra 25% in gift aid from the taxman to help fund great school projects to enhance our children’s experience.

Please book your places as soon as possible, as you will make the catering (by other parents) so much easier if you book early.  You can’t book too early.  We will be selling tickets on the door, these will be £20 but we won’t be able to guarantee that there is enough chilli to go around. (Are you getting the hint to book early?…)

Please book your tickets here!