Book Bubble

The Book Bubble

This newly forming bubble has a number of key aims:

  • encourage reading throughout the school
  • support reading
  • encourage diversity of reading
  • support enquiry

How you can get involved?

Keep an eye on Miss Conway’s blog – link here

Volunteer to hear children read. If you have an hour or more you can offer regularly (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) to hear children read and build their confidence, you are the just the right person to help.  Please contact

Join the bubble – the bubble needs people who are interested in books and reading to help steer direction.

What has been done so far?

FoSRR has an account at Fara Book Shop in Teddington for the teachers to build their collections of subject books.


The Book Bubble delivered over 80 books to the school on Friday 28th February to support Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) events over the following week.  There were fiction and non-fiction books for Y7 and Reception.
IMG_4645 IMG_4646