What are Bubbles?

As the FoSRR we have set out our objectives.  To achieve them we want to spread the work into manageable chunks that people can commit to for short or long periods of time as they feel able.


Core Functions

Within that overall framework the Core functions bar, treasury, catering advice, ticketing, marketing, communications etc would all be done by specified individuals who would commit to those roles for a longer period so as to support and enable the whole.

All Friends can then bring suggestions to the monthly meeting and offer them to the group, popular ideas then attract friends into the event or circle if you have enough friends to put on your event you can go ahead and organise it and the core will provide specific support so that you concentrate on your bit and don’t have to do everything. More than one thing can be going on at the same time.


FoSRR Bubbles

Everybody can choose how much/little they can commit to. The same people do not have to lead on every event. The core will support you. You can make new friends and have fun.